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Excelsior Artz Preparatory School believes that diversity offers students a plethora of learning experiences that will be helpful when they enter the global workforce and the University of Life. We do not discriminate against any individual based on race, gender, or ethnicity. We believe in giving all students equal access to a top-notch education.

Please review our admissions process and checklist of required items prior to completing the admissions application. 

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Admission Application

Student Information

Student's Name*
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Student's Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)*
Please enter students Date Of Birth in the format mm/dd/yyyy

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Last 4 digits of Social Security #*
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Birth Certificate Number*
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Date of Last Immunization*
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Date of Last Physical Examination*
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Primary Physician's Name*
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Student's Home Address

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Parent's Name (Mother)*
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Parent's Name (Father)*
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Last Grade Level*
Please enter the last grade at Student's last school

Was the student promoted?

(Upload academic transcripts, such as report cards and standardized tests at the end of this form prior to submission)

Were special educational services ever provided to your child? (If yes, please explain)*
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Has your child ever received school counseling due to behavioral issues?*
Please select Yes or No

Who does the child listed above live with? (Check all that apply)*
Please select one

Child lives with other (Please explain)
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Family Information: Mother

Is Mother Employed*
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Mother's Work Place*
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Mother's Occupation*
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Mother's Work Phone
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Mother's Address*
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Mother's Home Phone Number*
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Family Information: Father

Is Father Employed*
Is Father Employed?

Father's Work Place*
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Father's Occupation*
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Father's Work Phone
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Is Father's address the same as Mother's?*
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Father's Home Phone Number*
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Is your student entering grades 6 to 8?*
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Excelsior Artz Preparatory School Student Questionnaire - Grades (6-8)

What is your favorite academic subject?*
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What subject least interests you?*
Please respond to question

What does God mean to you?*
Please respond to question

How much time do you spend after school to complete homework and study?*
Please respond to question

What special traits do you want your teacher and classmates to know about you?*
Please respond to question

What are your goals for this upcoming school year, and how can your teacher help you to accomplish them?*
Please respond to question

Which student clubs below interest you most? (Check two to three boxes only.)*

Please respond to question

What chores are you responsible for at home?*
Please respond to question

What do you enjoy doing with your leisure time?*
Please respond to question

Excelsior wants to help develop students’ minds and strengthen their character in an effort to lead them along a path of success. In order to accomplish this goal, students must help us by cooperating with school rules, policies, and procedures. Have you read the Student Discipline Code/Policy? Do you agree to comply with the rules listed in it?

I have read the Student Discipline Code/Policy*
Please confirm that you have read the Student Discipline Code/Policy

Student's Name - Electronic Signature*
Please enter your name, it will serve as your signature


Authorization for Release of Records

Please send the following documents for the named student to Excelsior Artz Preparatory School by uploading below (.pdf, .doc, .docx only) or Fax to 1-888-924-1197

Academic Transcript Upload
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Report Card Upload
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Standardized Test Scores
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Specialized Testing Results, Including Psychological Evaluation and/or IEP if applicable
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Student Health Examination Record
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Certification of Immunization
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I herby authorize the release of the aforementioned records to Excelsior Artz Preparatory School.

Parent's Name*
Please enter parent's name

Today's Date*
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Parent's Email*
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Parent's Phone Number*
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Federal Law 99.21- No parent signature is required for educational records to be released to another educational agency. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Kayann Baugh-Toney

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