Student Life at Excelsior Preparatory School

Summer School

Just Fun and Games The Latin Way


Hop aboard and let’s explore, jump, run, sing and play in Spanish all day.

By camp’s end, you will know how much your Spanish language skills did grow”


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Excelsior Artz Preparatory Spanish Immersion Summer School/Camp begins June 25, 2018 and ends July 27, 2018.  During the summer students have the freedom to devote their focus to learning another language in a fun, strategic way without the competing interest of studying other subjects.   Excelsior Artz Preparatory has designed a summer program that appeals to children's interests, as well as serves their educational needs. It uses sound pedagogy and fun student activities to strengthen students' core skill sets and provide educational enrichement.

The program is contemporary in its approach, hence students will engage in fun “super duper” camp activities—just in a different language.

Instead of DUCK DUCK GOOSE– It will be PATO, PATO, GANSO and BINGO in espanol.

Registration Fee: $40

Camp Fee: $115 per week

Classes start at 8:00 am and end at 3:30 pm

 After Care 3:30—5:30 PM ($25.00 weekly fee). 


Our Summer Camp Program includes the following:

Spanish Integration
Spanish is woven throughout the day's activities.  This natural approach includes lively discussions, games, singing, dancing, and story time. The result is that students have fun and absorb Spanish just as they absorbed their first language - effortlessly. 


Science and Arts & Crafts
Science and art is a kid's playground. Their natural curiosity coupled with their creative instincts are harnessed during the integrated Science and Art component of EAPS' Summer Program.  Kids love it!


Physical Fun
Summers are made for fun!  Structured and unstructured play takes place throughout the summer camp day. From kickball, soccer, bounce house, and basketball to weekly field trips... our campers will find themselves having fun in a safe and nurturing environment.


Language Arts
This program is based on the school's proven Language Arts program, which integrates phonics based reading and writing to develop students' love of literature and build strong reading, writing, and communication skills.