Excelsior Preparatory School

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Excelsior Artz Preparatory School

Educational Philosophy


 E     A     P     S

Excelsior Artz Preparatory School believes that every child is a unique individual with God given gifts and talents. Schools have the power to help students discover and maximize their potential in all areas of learning. Through the employment of a Christ-centered team of nurturing and talented educators and the use of instructional modalities that appeal to the various learning styles and academic proclivities represented by the student body, all students can freely, confidently, and successfully travel along the highest road to academic and personal success.

This philosophy reaches to our parents (partners in education). Excelsior Artz Preparatory School believes that the meaningful involvement of parents, the community, and extended families enriches students’ academic lives in countless ways. By respecting the diversity of parents, we are able to sustain a community that is united for the common good of all students.

Global Citizenry Program

Excelsior Artz Preparatory School embraces the individuality and uniqueness of all applicants. We believe that God created each human being in love and that He lives in each of us. In order to help students to understand and practice this basic, yet to many, profound Christian principle, EAPS strategically devises intergenerational and multicultural programs that help students to learn about and celebrate different generations and cultures.

Subsequently, we are preparing students to have success in the demographically changing world.

EAPS is a good fit for families who wish to provide their children with a competitive, purposeful, well- rounded education, that reaches beyond the realms of a school house into the world where they can make a positive difference.

Excelsior Faculty and Staff

Excelsior Artz Preparatory Schools has a diverse instructional team. We embrace the uniqueness of the faculty and staff by recognizing and using each member’s talents for the benefit of the entire EAPS team. Our instructional team does have the following in common: possess the educational requirements to teach (minimum of a Bachelor’s degree), high expectations for student learning, enthusiasm, belief in Christ Jesus, nurturing, and effective classroom instructional skills.

Our administrative team is highly supportive of the instructional team, parents, and students. Their leadership qualities and ability to serve, and communicate well provides the framework for academic excellence to ensue.