Black Lives Matter Statement

Recently, there has been plenty of coverage in the media regarding racially motivated police killings and subsequent protests. This sad reality is not new, but thank God it is being addressed. As a Christian school community, it is our duty to carry each other’s burdensas it states in Proverbs 6:2. Hence,it is our prayer that all people will be treated lovingly and justly, for this is the will of God. Furthermore, this moment prompts us to action as outlined below.
Excelsior Arts Preparatory School has always taken a proactive instructional approach to ensure that all of its students receive a relevant, well rounded, and competitive education. Currently, our educational team is reflecting upon our practices, from the history textbooks we use, educational enrichment programs we host, to the subtle and direct messages we send our students each day. The irrefutable fact is that students are receiving messages from many different sources about the world in which they live. These messages are framing their perspective on life, which in return will influence their future choices. We are committed to combatting the miseducation of children by fitting each student with an unclouded set of lens. For this purpose, we are strategically revising our Social Studies curriculum, Leadership development program, and Multi-cultural day program. For more on each revision, please click the link below.
By nurturing our students' innate curiosity within the framework of Christian tenets, dialogue, inquiry, reflection, and meaningful activities students will seek the truth in all matters. All voices will be honored as students are led to respect and embrace their own uniqueness and differences in the world.
For centuries students and societies have been miseducated, causing social disturbance, racial, cultural, and gender rife to perpetuate from generation to generation. We ask parents to join us on our never ending quest to challenge ourselves to explore our individual questions about race, equality, and empowerment in order to help shape a more well informed future. Together we will make a difference.
Parents, we know that these are challenging topics to speak with your child about. For this reason, we have added two links below that have helpful tips about how to speak with your children about racism injustices.