Excelsior Preparatory School

Mission Statement

Excelsior Artz Preparatory School's (EAPS) mission is premised on its philosophy which states:

"Since God has commissioned His people to be the, Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World, it is incumbent upon us to develop the whole student and to ensure that we go above and beyond in an effort to ensure that noteworthy excellence emanates from every aspect of the school and its students."

Therefore, EAPS is on a mission to ensure that its students develop a sound understanding of God's word, as well as develop an empowering relationship with Him that will help them to use the knowledge they procure to live a life without limits.

As we consistently employ, demonstrate, and disseminate God's empowering word to students in a manner that is applicable, its power will propel students to great academic heights. Thus, in keeping with the word of God, in addition to ensuring that each student possesses a solid academic foundation, teachers will provide challenging activities that build upon core subjects and devise extra-curricular activities that have the potential to uncover individual talents.

Furthermore, in an effort to ensure long term results, EAPS will help its students to develop work ethics that naturally incur success, such as faith, diligence, time management, attentiveness, and honesty.

Excelsior's ultimate goal is to develop its students' spiritual and intellectual potential to the maximum degree and expose them to a variety of subjects in order to make them well-rounded individuals who are fully equipped to be the, Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth. Excelsior students shall be taught to live their lives purposefully, powerfully, and successfully!


Standards of Ethical Conduct