Excelsior Preparatory School

Principal's Message

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Excelsior Arts Preparatory School. EAPS is a Christian school of academic excellence that serves students in preschool - grade eight in the South Florida area. It is accredited by the National Association of Christian Education (NACE) and is an approved member of the Association of Christian Schools International. Our students' high standard of achievements is accredited to God's guidance in all areas of pedagogy, including but not limited to the employment of qualified, Christian educators who effectively impart information from a well devised curriculum. We provide an environment that balances competition and nurture, and a program that requires the active support of parents.

Please note that you can apply online or download an application from our website. If you need additional information, you may complete and submit an inquiry form. A member of our staff will call you within 48 hours. You may also call us at (954) 721-3471.

We look forward to becoming acquainted with you and your children.


Minerva Rodriguez
Excelsior Artz Preparatory School