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About Excelsior Arts Preparatory School

EAPS is a Christian School whose educational approach is premised on God's word.


Excelsior Arts Preparatory School (EAPS) is a Christian school of Academic Excellence that serves students in Preschool – Grade 8 in the South Florida area. It is accredited by the National Association of Christian Education (NACE), is an approved member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and is a member of the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS). Our students’ high standard of learning and achievements are accredited to God’s guidance in all areas of pedagogy. We offer a thoughtful individualized, cutting edge curriculum, an environment that balances competition and nurture, and a program that enables the active support of parents. Excelsior Arts Preparatory School also attributes its success to the vital role of its surrounding community, such as extended family members, board members, businesses in the community, and community leaders.

EAPS is a Christian School whose educational approach is premised on God’s word. Since God has commissioned His people to be the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World. Therefore, it is crucial for us to go above and and help our students reach for the pinnacle of success in all areas of life.


EAPS believes that students who have an understanding of their God given purpose, strengths, and abilities do purposefully excel. In keeping with God’s word we must look to Him for guidance by studying the Bible, praying and the discerning of the Holy Spirit. We derive God’s word from both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible, which we believe are verbally inspired by God and are a revelation of God to man, the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct (2 Timothy 3:15-17; 1 Thessalonians 2:13; 2Peter 1:21). We also accept and teach our students about the Trinity (God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost), as revealed in Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 43:10, 11; Mathew 28:19 Luke 3:22), and that there is only one way through God, which is through His Son Jesus (our Savior), who died on the cross and shed his blood in order that those who accept him may have eternal life in Heaven.

EAPS believes when each child is properly guided, taught, loved, encouraged, supported, and redirected with love when needed it allows them to discover their abilities and talents and they will have a purpose and a goal to pursue.

Hear What Our Parents Are Saying

Faith-Based and Safe!

Excellent school, curriculum and teachers. It’s a safe, faith based, and loving environment. My child was very happy there.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  LOVE IT HERE!

Parent of a student


Love this school!

My children gained confidence, mastered core subjects beyond their respective grade levels, developed their public speaking skills, enjoyed learning, and received exposure to the arts and many other wonderful activities that they would not have received somewhere else. The faculty and staff are professional and caring. I love this school.



Instilling Confidence and Excellence

My son and daughter attend Excelsior Arts Preparatory School. This school demonstrates faith in students’ abilities. They focus on students’ overall development, including spiritual. The teachers and administration care about the students. Most or all, the students have confidence and work above their respective grades. When I observe my children’s classmates, it is obvious that they are happy in their learning environment.

Parent of two students


They stick to Christian values

Great, because it is one of the very few Christian schools in the area that sticks to Christian values that holds high academic standards for your child while making sure he/she is a long learner.


Great School

My daughter went in at 5 not being able to read fluently and by the 6th month she was reading fluently. I have seen such a turnaround because of the dedication of her teacher. Thanks to all the wonderful staff as well.

Judith Young

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